Enter Activation Code

Disney+ Account Creation:

• Visit at Disney+ Website: – First open browser on your smart phone, laptop or TV if it has the Disney+ application.
• Sign Up: – On the Disney Plus homepage click on “Sign Up” or “Create new account” button and now your journey start!
• Enter Your Email Address: – Now create your profile on Disney Plus Application. For this you need to enter your email and choose the strong and memorable password because this is your key to unlock the Disney entertainment world!
• Subscription Plan: – Disney+ offers different monthly or yearly subscription. So, choose one that suits your budget and requirement.
• Billing Information: – Now you need to enter your billing information with your name, address and payment method. Disney+ accepts credit card, debit cards and other payment method options which is depending on your location or country.
• Terms & Conditions: – Before you enter into Disney+, first review your choices. Make sure everything fine and when you satisfied then click at “I Agree button”.
• Start Streaming: – After completing the signup process, you are officially a part of the Disney+ world and you have full access to Disney+ amazing content.

Enter Disneyplus.com login/begin 8-digit code Process

Follow the steps to enter the code provided to activate your Disney+ subscription

• Disney+ Activation Page: Visit at Disneyplus.com/begin activation page by entering the URL in your web browser www.disneyplus.com/begin.
• Log In or Sign Up: If already you have a Disney+ account then sign in with your login credentials.
• Activation Code: On the activation page you need to enter the Disneyplus.com /begin 8-digit code which is typically provided to you when you purchase a Disney+ subscription or when you are redeeming a promotional offer.
• Submit Code: To verify the code, enter the activation code and click on “Continue” or “Submit” button.
• Complete the Activation: You will be prompted to complete the activation process if the activation code is valid.
• Start Streaming: Now you have full access to Disney+ content. You can start streaming your favourite movies, TV shows, cartoon and more immediately.

Enter 8 Digit Code DisneyPlus.com/Begin on HD smart TV

• Grab TV Remote: Go to application store on your 4K HD smart TV, first simply holding up your remote and press the right button.
• Access the Disney+ App: Install and configure the Disney Plus app on your TV and activate it.
• Bring Computer or Mobile into Play: Now the time to involve your computer or smart phone. Open your web browser and type “disneyplus.com/begin” or “disneyplus.com/start.”
• Obtain Your Unique 8-Digit Code: Your smart TV will display an exclusive 8-digit activation code which is ticket to access Disney+ world.
• Enter the Code: On your computer or phone device, when prompted please enter the 8-digit code you obtained from your TV.
• Login to Your Account: Finally, log in with your email and selected password to unlock the magical world of Disney Plus. You are now ready to explore all the incredible content it has to offer.

Enjoy the Disney+ experience in your living room!

Log in Disney Plus?

• If you want to use Disney+ service, you must first register yourself as a member or subscriber.
• Still, you have not account? Don’t worry! You can easily create your account by sign-up option right on the homepage.
• When creating your account, you can choose the membership subscription plans that suits in your budget and need.
• If you are already a member then simply click on the “Login” button on the website’s main page or Disneyplus.com/begin.
• Sometimes one-time code require.
• Type in your username and you are ready to go!
• After logged in successfully, you are in for a world of entertainment and you can enjoy the latest released movies, popular shows, sports event, live events and much more.

Disney Plus on Android Smart TV

• Start you Android Smart TV.
• Look for the App store or Play Store on your TV’s menu and open it up.
• Search for the Disney Plus and download then install it.
• Disney Plus app gives you a code that you need to remember this.
• Now, pick up your Android phone and use web browser to go to disneyplus.com/begin
• Now you will see a window where you can log in. Use the same account details you used to create your Disney Plus account.
• Remember that code from your TV?
• Click on the “activate device” button.
• Now you are ready to enjoy Disney Plus on your android smart TV.

Disneypus.com/begin for Apple TV

• Start your Apple TV and find the Disney+ App in the app store on your TV.
• When you see Disney Plus hit OK button with your remote.
• Now you see “GET” or a cloud-like symbol then click on it.
• Wait a bit while it downloads and installs. It won’t take time.
• Click “Open” once it’s ready to roll.
• You will see two options “Log in now” and “Try Again”. Go ahead and select” Log in now”.
• Log in using your account details that you have set up earlier.
• Now, you’re all set to enter into your subscription’s movies and enjoy Disney Plus adventure on Apple TV!

Disneyplus.com/begin for Roku device

• Start TV and your Roku device and make sure the HDMI port connected with Roku is good to go.
• At home screen hit that side button with your remote.
• Scroll through the options until you see “Streaming Channels.” It’s your entry ticket to Disney!
• Use your Roku remote to find the Disney app. Just press “D,” and Disneyplus.com/begin should be right there.
• Scroll down and click on it.
• You will spot the “Add Channel” button.
• Now just click on the terms and conditions You’ll see an option to “Go to channel.” Go ahead and click on it.
• Now, it’s time to sign in. Use the same login details you have for your Disney account.

How to Renew Disney Plus Subscription?

• Open the app and log in to your Disney Plus account. Just use your email ID or username and your selected password.
• If you forgot your password? No need to worry! Click on “forgot password” option and you can reset it in a moment.
• After logged in, look for the “My Profile” option. Give it a tap.
• Inside your profile you will see the “Manage subscription” option. That’s your ticket to renewing and tweaking your subscription plan as you please.

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So there you have it—easy peasy renewal for your Disney Plus fix!